Independance Day on The Green

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Of Roads , Roundabouts and Responsibility.

One of the best things about living on The Green is morning walks and bike riding.
The ring road that connects all the clusters in The Green is lined with large lush green trees. It goes over two bridges and affords really nice ‘back to nature’ views of rivers and a small man-made lake. There are a couple of waterfalls and a lot of areas for people to sit and enjoy a bit of serenity , away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

One of 5 roundabouts in The Green BSD

One of 5 roundabouts in The Green BSD

That is as long as there are no ‘rev-heads’ about, who for some reason ignore the residential area speed limit, and seem to think The Green can be used as a race track for ‘balapan’.

The Green is a RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX. Families live here. Young Children play here. Grandparents exercise here. There is a 20 Kilometer per hour SPEED LIMIT for ALL ROADS on The Green.

An Aborigine child points out the speed limit to his friends.

An Aborigine child points out the speed limit to his friends.

Traffic Signs are not there for decoration. They tell motorists what the legal speed limit in the area is. These Speed Limits are there for a reason ; This is not a Jalan Toll. This is a Residential Area.

Some signs are easier to see than others.

Some signs are easier to see than others.









On Sunday a couple were apparently returning to The Green from their Lebaran holidays.
Just 100 meters from a 20km/h road sign , their Kijang managed to plough into a road-side lamppost , knocking it over and spinning 180 degrees into a stop.

How not to park a car.

How not to park a car.










The speed of the car was fast enough to uproot the lamppost cables and all. A further 100 meters from the lamppost is a very large Sengon tree. Had the couple hit the tree, the accident would have been fatal.

Debris from  Sunday's accident.
Why do people need to drive so fast !!!  What is the big hurry !!! You are through the gates of The Green , you are home , safe, your family is waiting.
We have chosen to live in a community residence. We pay good money for IPL and for Security , so that we may live in a safe environment.
Please respect the rights of those that you have chosen to live with. The Speed Limit is the limit for EVERYBODY , whether you drive a truck, motorbike , car or…..

Ferrari. By the sound of his engine, he too can not count past 19.

Ferrari. By the sound of his engine, he too can not count past 19.

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Where there’s smoke , there’s berbahaya. Don’t burn plastic bags.

I grew up in Sydney Australia. As a young boy it was my after school job to ‘take out the trash’ to our back yard where I used to enjoy burning rubbish.
I liked the sound burning plastic made when you held a plastic bag on a stick.
Molten globs would drop off in slow motion and make a zipping sound as they fell to the ground. My brother still bears a scar on his hand where he got hit by a drop of molten plastic one afternoon. That incident put an end to that game, but my parents were unaware of the health hazard of burning rubbish, so we continued our weekly backyard burn offs.

We were not yet educated on the dangers of burning rubbish.


Around the mid Seventies , when I was starting high school, the Australian Government announced the Environment Protection Act.  Burning rubbish at home had to be done in incinerators and ONLY at specific times , usually late afternoon, on specific days.

By 1997 we had the Protection of the Environment Operations Act which prohibited the burning of any type of rubbish. Which means it was a legal offense to burn ANYTHING at all , anytime. People who still tried to burn their house-hold rubbish could be fined up to $200 for breaking the law.

Advertisements from the government also started to appear that warned the public about the dangers of burning rubbish and inhalation of toxic smoke.

Gradually the air around Sydney became cleaner.

SO – my point is – Australia was not always a Go-Green perfectly clean air country.
The air quality is a gizzilion times better than what I’m breathing right now in BSD , Jakarta, but we had to go through steps of understanding and adjusting over time to get there.

Sometimes I feel time has run out for Jakarta. Air Pollution is so very bad here.
A change must start somewhere though. The first step is letting people that burning rubbish , like I did when I was a boy , know that it can be really bad for their health.


Jangan membakar sampah plastic.

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