How to Solve the Asap problem ASAP. Draft Petition

Man !
The smoke in Monte Carlo on The Green has been particularly bad over the last 3 days.
My eyes are stinging , my nose is running. My daughter is wheezing at night.

I’ve really had enough this time.

My wife informs me from the Monte Carlo Whas Up group that a nearby backyard brick factory is responsible for a large amount of the foul smelling smoke. In Australia, you simply don’t burn these kind of substances because – IT’S ILLEGAL !! – people and companies who burn toxic waste are arrested and must pay heavy fines.

I’ve spoken to a few friends here and asked ‘Why can’t the government fine people who burn off here ?’ A common answer is ‘ They are ‘pre-bumi’ , the original owners here. They will take offense to developers such as Sinarmas , or ‘new folk’ who try to tell them what they can and can’t do. They may react in retaliation and burn even more rubbish.’


This is a matter of education. It’s a matter of politics. It’s a matter of money, communicating and getting along together.

Meanwhile, are we expected to wait ?, be patient ?, sit by and literally ‘suck it in ?’

As far as I’m concerned, the people that burn illegally, do so because it is the cheapest method. They have no regard for the health of even their own employees, no regard for common law. It’s about time they learnt a lesson.

Here is my first DRAFT of a petition.
I am determined not to sit idle while my wife and child suffer. I will translate it this week and have it in circulation by next week. Grass is Green. Trees are Green. Smoke isn’t.

Draft Petition

Stop Burning Rubbish and Toxic Substances inside The Green Residence and in neighboring areas, where smoke effects residents of The Green.

We the undersigned, residents of Monte Carlo , The Green, hereby request preventive action from BSD Customer Service to solve a serious health risk problem in Monte Carlo , The Green and immediate surrounding areas ; Kampung RW14 , kampong RW…. , Kampung RW ……

For the past three weeks , during the current dry season ; September 1 – 20 , 2014 , there has been continual burning of rubbish that blankets and suffocates the entire Monte Carlo compound on a daily basis. The smoke at night is particularly thick , in some cases making it difficult to breath normally.

This smoke is not from the burning of organic materials such as grass , leaves or padi. This smoke has a distinct chemical odor.

We the residents of Monte Carlo , The Green are very concerned for the health of our families, in particular the health and mental development of our children.
Toxic smoke is scientifically proven to have dangerous effects on respiratory health and on the development of the brain in children.

We are being poisoned on a daily basis.

Many residents here have made the move to BSD , renting or buying houses in search of a cleaner environment away from the pollution of Jakarta. We pay expensive land rates and service fees to enjoy a cleaner , safer environment.

The careless burning of plastic rubbish and industrial operations of illegal businesses ( brick factory) have a direct impact on our health.

We are suffering. We are angry. We are not prepared to tolerate illegal recklessness.

We hereby request BSD Customer Care to contact the necessary authorities to solve this problem immediately.

Restrictions on the type of rubbish and method of burning need to be enforced.
Villages that surround Monte Carlo should be given facilities that help with the disposal of rubbish in a safe , environmentally friendly manner (for example trucks for rubbish collection)

The general public should be made aware of the real dangers and health risks from burning plastic waste.

We the undersigned residents of Monte Carlo, The Green believe that it is possible to create a clean , healthy environment for EVERYBODY , through proper management , education and co-operation.


September 17, 2014

Signed By


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What can we do about the doggy do ?

We love dogs. Don’t get me wrong.
I grew up with a Golden Retriever , Benny, my childhood companion. I fed him. Took him for daily walks and runs. And I trained him to ; sit , wait, shake hands, roll-over, fetch, chase the neighbor’s cat and most importantly where to ‘go about his business’ and how to cover it up when he’s done.

The Green is the ideal place to live for dog owners. Plenty of space, lots of grassy areas for a dog to run around in and get exercise.

Humans and their children also like to run around the Green , or go for bike rides , walks , exercise.


There is nothing worse when you are out for a walk, than the sight and smell of a steaming pile of doggy do. Lately on my bike ride around the Green, it’s becoming a bit of a mine field – Dog crap is everywhere – and no one seems to want to clean it up. well you can’t blame the street sweepers – I wouldn’t touch it even if you paid me either – because IT’S NOT MY DOG !!!
Dog Owners – please – train your dog to ‘go’ in an area that is away from public walkways – out of sight and smelling distance from other people’s gardens and children’s play areas.
When your dog has done his deed, you can teach him to scratch and cover it with dirt and grass – or do as my mum does – carry a small spade and gloves with you when you go for a walk.

Keep the Green Clean !

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Independance Day on The Green

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