Meadow Terrace Fitness Club

‘If you’re happy and you know it , clap your hands.’

If you’re fat and lazy and can’t be bothered to get out of your chair, then join the club. Er, the fitness club that is. I don’t mean to say ‘I’m also fat and lazy’ by saying ‘join the club’ , although I am. Fat. And probably a bit lazy. And I did join the fitness club. The rather expensive one that I hardly ever use but I do have an excuse. I fell out of a tree and tore the ligaments in my ankle. I could barely walk for a month and a half and then just when I was about back on me bike again ; I went for a banana boat ride and tore the ligaments in my left knee when I fell off at the end and got my leg caught under the giant inflatable banana.

Fitness means healthy and healthy helps happy. Fat means bugger off unless you’re going to hand me another beer and it’s none of your business how I deal with depression, I’m not depressed anyway , just thirsty. Well the knee is almost healed now and I’ve been back to the pool with Jess for the last three days in a row. She does most the exercise. I basically sit in the kiddy pool soaking my ligaments.

Meadow Terrace. For really small people.

The last two times we have moved to a ‘cluster residence’ it has been the fitness center that has been the draw card for me. I like to be as close to a nice clean swimming pool as possible. In De Latinos we were right next door to the pool. The pool at the Meadow Terrace sports club in The Green however tops my list as possibly the best swimming pool I’ve been to in all of Jabotek and probably due to relatively high member fees, it’s practically empty most of the day until the sun starts to go down and those that fear a golden brown tan come out to brave the waters.

The pool itself is a complex of ; main 50 meter Olympic styled pool – lanes and everything – wide enough that I get tired just swimming across the pool ; a little knee high paddling pool and a slightly bigger pool for slightly bigger kids. The filter system is in good nick and the pool attendants seem to know what they are doing. The other day I sensed the chlorine level may have been a little higher than usual but there are plenty of showers outside and inside to wash off before you go home. There’s even a sauna in both the men’s and women’s changing rooms , although if you’re fat like me, being outside is already enough of a sauna and if the saunas aren’t mixed, then there’s no point really.

Pools for Papa Bear , Mama Bear and Baby Bear

The fitness center has all the modern bits and pieces if you’re into flexing your biceps. The running machines are visible to the entrance road of the Green and are very popular in the after work hours during the week. I often see regular fitness hounds on the treadmill as I’m cycling past or going for my ‘real’ run in the real world. I’ve never really been able to get into the gym side of the fitness kick for some reason. Perhaps because for the most part of my life I’ve been a relatively weedy dweed. Now that I’m fat , I guess I’ve got more to look forward in that gym. Getting up the stairs will be the real challenge though. I’m not sure my knee could handle it just yet. Though when I am ready, I’d quite like to try out the tiebow  aerobics class.

The only thing missing from the club is a little pool bar where one might get a cool drink or an ice cream for the kids. A beer by the pool would be lovely actually, ah but it wouldn’t be fitness then would it ? For now we are more than happy with our bottles of aqua. I will resolve to renew my new year’s resolution to get fit and stay in shape. Bit slow off the mark, but that’s often the pace of life here and sometimes that suits me just fine.

Real Clean Scene


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3 Responses to Meadow Terrace Fitness Club

  1. Ropy says:

    Is the sport club open tomorrow?august 30rd?

    • admin says:

      It’s closed today until 1;00 pm . Things might have changed with the new Idul Fitri date. It’s certainly quiet all over the Green…… Nice !

  2. tika says:

    how much costs to be a member?

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