Resto Bukit Pelayangan

Tempted by the evening glow

If you live on The Green you will have noticed a majestic looking hillside restaurant that is romantically lit at night. We live right under it and it wasn’t long until curiosity got the better of this cat. Bukit Pelayangan Resto , BUPE for short is tucked away down a kampung lane way on the left just as you come off the toll and past the Green. It’s done in a very nice manner. A real pleasure to eat there.


They do a very good Sop Buntut on a tripod burner thingy, which keeps it nice and hot with a generous serving of veggies in the sop. It can get a bit hot at lunch time.
The view is pretty good. You can see our house….well you can see our roof. Night time the view is just as good, maybe a little more romantic and if you are lucky to get a nice breeze, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Also good on the menu ; Sop Iga , Ikan Gurame , Tempe , Tahu , Kelapa Muda , Sambal . Good Javanese cooking the way it should be. Well this is turning out to be quite a plug, so I guess I should ask for a discount next time we are there. Last time we saw a pretty good thunderstorm breaking over the Green and beyond.
Bukit Pelayangan Resto Ph ; 021 5382626

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